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Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Red

Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Red
Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Red

Product Added : June 2nd, 2013
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Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Red

Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS - Red

Tap into the joy of your childhood with the Retro N 3 gaming system. Capable of playing Nintendo, SEGA Genesis and Super Nintendo cartridges, the Retro 3 is the only system you need to play thousands of classic games.

  • Two original control ports for each gaming platform
  • S-video and composite AV inputs
  • Compatible with original Nintendo, SEGA Genesis or Super Nintendo controllers
  • Includes two wireless controllers (batteries not included)
  • Available in vector red or charcoal gray color

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Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Red

What customers say about Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Red?

  1. 139 of 144 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    By far the best clone system., November 7, 2010

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Red (Video Game)

    I got my Retron 3 today and it already replaced my Genesis and SNES. It’s very lightweight and the build quality is definitely not up there with Nintendo or Sega, but it looks decent (the gray one, not the red one) and does what is advertised. It’s very convenient to go from playing Genesis to SNES with just a flick of the knob instead of having to plug and unplug av cables, in addition to how much shelf space and power outlet space it saves.

    On the NES side, there is composite video and dual mono output (s-video doesn’t work on NES). For Genesis and SNES, there is composite video, s-video, and stereo audio output. Composite video on NES is ok, but it’s very dark for Genesis and SNES. It’s not really a problem since it’s better to use s-video for Genesis and SNES anyways. Compared to composite, s-video output is very sharp and bright. Even the standard Genesis systems don’t feature s-video output, so this is a very nice feature of the Retron 3. Since the NES side doesn’t work with s-video, it is a bit annoying to have to plug and unplug the s-video cable to play NES games.

    The Genesis sound is a little inaccurate. I noticed in Sagaia that the sound effects are louder than the music and a bit of the soundtrack is off key. Also, there is a little buzzing noise on NES and Genesis games. I can live with it. At least it doesn’t sound totally butchered up like the Atgames Genesis clones. Most of my other games don’t sound too different than on a model 1 Genesis. SNES sound is perfect. I don’t know how accurate the NES sound is since I never owned one.

    The packed-in wireless controllers are only good for NES games. For Genesis, not only are the A/B buttons swapped, but so are the X/Y buttons. Sometimes I forgot and pressed the wrong buttons. For SNES, L is C and R is Z, unlike what the box and the back of the controller suggests. These controllers don’t work too well for games like F-Zero or Mario Kart where you have to use L/R and the face buttons at the same time. The controllers use IR so you have to point them at the system. I would have gladly paid more for RF controllers like the ones that are included with Yobo’s FC-16 Go. I also noticed the problem with rapidly pressing a button or the dpad and not having all the presses registered. Also, the diagonals on the dpad aren’t very good. This controller is totally useless for fighting games and beat-em-ups. Fortunately the controller ports don’t have any problems so you’ll want to use your original NES/SNES/Genesis controllers.

    Also, the NES and Genesis cartridge slots have some sort of deathgrip. I have to press against the system so that I don’t lift the whole thing while I attempt to yank the cartridge out. The SNES slot is surprisingly smooth and easy to insert and remove cartridges.

    I’ve heard from other Retron 3 owners that Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SNES) doesn’t work, but it works perfectly fine on mine.

    Here’s my game compatibility list:


    Air Diver
    Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
    Alien Storm
    Altered Beast
    Art of Fighting
    Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II
    Battletoads/Double Dragon
    Beyond Oasis
    Bimini Run
    Bonanza Brothers
    Bubsy II
    Budokan: The Martial Spirit
    Burning Force
    Championship Pro-Am
    Chase H.Q. 2
    Chiki Chiki Boys
    Comix Zone
    Cyborg Justice
    Dashin’ Desperadoes
    Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
    Double Dragon
    Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game
    Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls
    Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun
    Ecco the Dolphin
    El Viento
    Elemental Master
    Eternal Champions
    Gadget Twins
    Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
    Golden Axe
    Golden Axe II (pack-in controller’s Mode button doesn’t seem to do anything, so you have to use original Genesis controller)
    Gynoug (European)
    The Humans
    Jungle Strike
    King of the Monsters
    Lotus II: RECS
    Lotus Turbo Challenge
    Marble Madness
    Mega Bomberman
    Mortal Kombat
    Mortal Kombat 3
    Mortal Kombat II
    Ms. Pac-Man
    Paperboy 2
    Phantasy Star IV
    Ranger X
    The Revenge of Shinobi
    Road Rash
    Road Rash 3
    Road Rash II
    Rocket Knight Adventures
    Samurai Shodown
    Saturday Night Slam Masters
    Shadow Blasters
    Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
    Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Maste
    Sonic & Knuckles (and any lock-on combination)
    Sonic 3D Blast
    Sonic Classics
    Sonic Spinball
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    Space Harrier II (European)
    Steel Empire
    Street Fighter II — Special Champion Edition
    Streets of Rage
    Streets of Rage 2
    Streets of Rage…

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  2. 96 of 104 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The replicated machine, July 1, 2010
    Roy C

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Red (Video Game)

    The retron 3 first of all isn’t a collection of old school games or a brand new console; it’s a clone console. It’s a big industry that popped up when the copyrights on the technology of old game consoles expired. They’re completely legal recreations of classic video game systems, and the retron 3′s claim to fame is that it emulates the big three of 90′s nostalgia: NES, SNES and Genesis – any kid who cared about social status owned at least one of them and while some of us are lucky enough to still have working ones, most of us either sold ours, had it break down, or are simply interested in buying the ones we never had, but aren’t willing to drop the cash for all of them complete with the original power adapter and RF converter (spoiler alert: those had a tendency to break.
    The Retron 3 can’t play every game for these systems, there are a (very)few nintendo and at least 2 sega games that use special chips who’s patents are still owned by their respective companies, and they won’t play on this and if you’re interested in a full list, it’s an easy enough find on google. When you get past that what you have is an unbelievable machine. The S-Video output these things come with, for those of you unaware, is outdated by todays standards but is the distant future of 20XX compared to the technology the old consoles used – it makes genesis and snes games look absolutely unbelievable. The colors are better, lightening is balanced and perfect and everything is 3 times sharper; the only downside is that s-video won’t work on NES games – this isn’t the developers being lazy, s-video and 480p was stuff nasa probably wasn’t using when the NES came out and the cartridges simply aren’t programed with that resolution in mind.

    All in all, there are a handful of games that don’t work with the retron 3, but every other game on all three consoles will be absolutely incredible compared to the original hardware, and even the NES running through av cables instead of s-video will look and sound better than those old 80s screw in adapters most of you won’t remember even existing.

    The only bad thing i can say about the system is the controllers they come with. They’re IR like remote controls, and they need to be pointer DIRECTLY at the console for them to work. They lag, the button schemes are hard to get used to, they’re junk. Reproduction controllers for the orignal consoles are cheap and you’d be doing yourself a favor by splurging on some.

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  3. 45 of 49 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Absolutely the best clone console, July 19, 2010
    Daniel Wilson (Pennsylvania) –

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 

    I’ll start off by saying this console is built better than other clone consoles. The video and audio glitches and differences are far less noticeable. Unlike other clone consoles, the Retron 3 doesn’t put a death grip on your cartridges.

    So let’s look at the bad side of things. Like many other clone consoles, the Retron 3 controllers are terrible BUT it is saved by an ingenius design. The wireless controllers are useless. They use infrared, which means you have to have them right in front of the console, and even at that they’re not responsive. They just fail. The reason this doesn’t kill the console is because there are controller ports on 3 sides. One side for Nes, one for Snes, and one for Genesis. I’d rather use my original controllers than any clone console controllers. But if you don’t have original controllers, it may be a turn off to basically have to buy them. It doesn’t come with a light gun, but like I said it has the original controller ports so you can get a Zapper and play it.

    Outside of the crappy controllers, there’s really nothing I can complain about. I’ve heard it has compatibility issues with a few games The only one of my games it won’t play is Castlevania 3 (which was disappointing) but it plays all of my other games perfectly. The dust covers on the slots aren’t flimsy. The buttons are absolutely amazing (it may seem pointless to rave about that but on other clone consoles I’ve had problems with the reset button and the dial to switch between the consoles, not on this one). It also comes with an S-video connector which allows better video quality.

    Overall, this console is worth the money, and you can’t beat it. Paying $50 for a clone console that is well built and functions well with nearly all of the games is a lot better than hunting down an NES, then having to deal with the 72 pin connectors failing in the old consoles as well as the fact that these old console parts are in very limited supply. If I were to recommend a clone console, this would be the one.

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